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Clodagh Design

Internationally acclaimed designer and philanthropist Clodagh passionately believes that good design supports well-being and that itcan transform people’s lives. She feels that clutter can undermine serenity, but minimalism should not be self denying. Theexperience of entering a Clodagh designed space is one of blissful serenity.  he is noted for her “life-enhancing minimalism.”

A believer in the tenets of integrative medicine, which address the entire body and psyche as a whole, Clodagh embraces bothancient and cutting edge methods in an effort to comfort not only the body, but also the mind.   She was among the earliestadopters of Feng Shui in her design practice.   

Clodagh is always ahead of the curve by incorporating such cutting edge modalities aschromatherapy and biophilia, while including comfort, into all of her projects.Perhaps because she originally hails from the “Emerald Isle,” Clodagh was “green” long before it became the movement it is today.She aligns herself with partners who also embody this ethic, and she fosters relationships with companies that strive to contributephilanthropically to their communities.  She is recognized as a leader in sustainable design for her authenticity in materials and useof natural elements that enrich her projects with unmistakable warmth and beauty, and appeal to all the senses.  

Raised in Oscar Wilde’s summer home in County Mayo in Ireland, Clodagh has been a constant force in the design world since herbeginnings in couture fashion at the age of 17, Clodagh began her interior design business in Spain, and moved it to New York City in1985 with the opening of Clodagh Ross Williams, a home design store in the East Village. One of the world’s leading innovative multi-discipline design practices, Clodagh Design’s award-winning portfolio spans over 30countries and a wide range of eco-conscious projects and products that include million-square-foot hotels, residential buildings,international spas, private residences, restaurants, retail stores and showrooms, offices, women’s apparel, cosmetic packaging,branding, furniture, home furnishings and even luxury yachts.  

Clodagh’s ground breaking work has captured a steady stream of accolades and awards from international media and her peers.Clodagh was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame and Hospitality Design Platinum Circle; Architectural Digest has namedher among the Top 100 Designers in the World; The Robb Report put her in their Top 10 Interior Designers in the World, andTraditional Home magazine calls her one of the Top Twenty Design Icons.   Fashion Group International made her 2010 Star of theYear, and Contract Magazine selected her @ Hotel Fort Lauderdale as 2010 Hotel of the Year.   In addition to her residential interiors for many of the “rich and famous,” Clodagh has recently completed the interior design forsuch prestigious projects as The Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona; East Hotel in Miami, Florida; The Abington House and The Caledonia in New York City; the Citizen 360 condo building in New York City, and the Six Senses Hotel and Spa in the Douro Valley,Portugal, which was named one of the world’s top hotels in 2016.

No “lip service” philanthropist, Clodagh devotes much of her spare time to helping others. She truly believes in personally givingback to the world’s communities, and is relentless in her international fundraising for those in need.   Through, shetirelessly supports the Thorn Tree Project, educating children in the nomadic tribes of Northern Kenya.  Since 2002 Thorn Tree BoardMember Clodagh has led the international fundraising efforts for the education of 1500 young girls and boys of the semi-nomadicSamburu tribes, along with Thorn Tree’s founder Jane Newman, who works on the ground in Kenya. The fundraising to date hasprovided schools and dormitories for twelve pre-schools and three elementary schools. Now for the first time, Thorn Tree is puttingsome of these worthy young students through college!  The sale of each one of The Thorn Tree Breakfast Bracelets sold around theworld provides breakfast every day for a Thorn Tree student for one full year. Clodagh also supports Ape Action Africa, one of thelargest primate sanctuaries in Africa.  A thousand visitors a month come for tours of the sanctuary and learn about conservation, deforestation and the innocent orphans of the bushmeat and the illegal pet trade. Clodagh also supports the Azama project, whichfosters education in the developing world.  She believes that education feeds the mind and is the right of every child through whichthe world will become a more prosperous and harmonious place.  

A globally in-demand inspirational speaker, Clodagh’s second book, Your Home Your Sanctuary, was released by Rizzoli in October2008. Her First Book, Total Design, is now in its third printing.