Loyalty: Lessons in Love

It’s that time of the year again where our Sleep Set designers gather in London for Deep Sleep: a day of inspiration and creativity with our content partner Ipsos Loyalty, the global leader in customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty research. The designers immersed themselves in the theme, started planning their room concepts and began their Sleep Set journey.

We know that there is an increasing trend for people to choose to spend on experiences as opposed to products – a trend known as the ‘experience economy’.1   The happiness and memories coming from experiences are less prone to a process known as hedonic adaptation, which refers to how spikes in happiness associated with certain materialistic purchases can quickly wear off with little lasting benefit. As a result of this trend hotel brands more than ever seek to increase their number of loyal customers.

This year’s theme, Loyalty: Lessons in Love is the brief for our Sleep Set designers, which challenges them to reflect on the rise of the experience economy and think about on how to create memorable experiences, determine how design can influence guest loyalty and to push the boundaries to create something disruptive.

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Ipsos Loyalty began the day by asking “How do you create amazing experiences that connect with customers emotionally and plant enduring memories, converting them into fans who want to tag themselves, ‘check-in’ and share with others?” Helen Bywater-Smith, Director in Customer Experience, Ipsos Loyalty.

This stimulated an insightful discussion amongst our designers, on what loyalty meant to them, 1508 commented “loyalty is attention to detail, especially remembering the little details such as your name, and the particular hotel room you liked”, whilst MKV and New-York based Stonehill and Taylor defined loyalty as trust and repetition towards a brand; “I know the DNA of the brands that I am loyal to, I know what their offering is and I know not to expect any surprises” said Vince Stroop, Principal at Stonehill and Taylor. Il Prisma, the fourth and final Sleep Set design practice focused on the concept of loyalty in the future, and questioned whether it “will change and become more fluid?”

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The designers then embarked on a series of thought-provoking workshops and discussions on the key influences on brand choices, the behavioural outcomes of being loyal to a brand and the ability to understand customers’ motivational needs….

What influences our brand choices?

Customers often invest in experiences to tell their story. Our ‘experiencing self’ lives in the moment, whilst our ‘remembering self’ above all wants to tell the stories, and in order to do so it will latch onto key moments from the experience.

Brands therefore need to prompt these key moments, to help encourage customers with their positive story-telling; for example, Disney famously creates comprehensive guidance for its employees to let visitors know exactly where to stand and how to plan for the best view of the daily 3 o’clock parade at Disneyworld – thus building great experiences that transform into story-telling.

Behavioural outcomes of winning brand experiences

Loyal behavioural traits can also be recognised under the RACE framework, which consists of:

Retention: “I want to return” - the willingness to pay a premium and repeat

Advocacy: “I want to tell the world about you” - the power of peer reviews and social media  

Cooperation: “I trust you” - customers are familiar with this particular experience

Expansion: “I want to join you on your new adventure” - encouraging customers to return, or the brand expands to different sectors.

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Understanding motivational needs

Ipsos Loyalty then unveiled their Censydiam framework: the eight motivations which connect with our deep-rooted emotional needs. The designers familiarised themselves with each motivation, and were asked to share a personal brand experience which linked to these.

Moving onto the afternoon, the designers were asked to apply the morning’s Loyalty knowledge to their Sleep Set concept, and were all provided valuable 1-on-1 time with the Ipsos Loyalty team. The day ended with a dinner hosted by Kohler, this year’s Sleep Set supporter.  

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Learn about Loyalty from Ipsos Mori and explore the Sleep Set rooms on 21st-22nd November 2017, at the Building Design Centre, London.

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