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Suppliers: Achieving experience economy

The rise of experience economy and strive in creating memorable hotel experiences to achieve guest loyalty, is an objective at the forefront of the entire hotel supply chain. But how can brands...
Aukett Swanke

Hotels and the experience economy

Nicholas de Klerk, Associate Architect, Aukett Swanke - 2016 Sleep Set Designer: There is something of a paradox in setting out a relationship between hotels and the so-called experience economy as...
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David Morris, Creative Director at Studio Proof - 2016 Sleep Set Designer What is loyalty? The Collins Oxford dictionary gives me: steadfastness, dependability, fidelity, reliability, constancy,...

AHEAD Americas winners...

Last night, Sleeper Magazine held their first ever AHEAD Americas - the awards for Hospitality Experience and Design, in Miami Florida. Where the great and good of the hotel world come together,...
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Loyalty: Lessons in Love

It’s that time of the year again where our Sleep Set designers gather in London for Deep Sleep: a day of inspiration and creativity with our content partner Ipsos Loyalty, the global leader in...
Barbour Report

Significant jump in hotel contract values in February...

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One Week on: The Sleep 2016 Round Up

This time last week the world of hospitality were thought-provoked by two days of insightful conference topics and over 160 exhibitors, whilst challenged on the perception of a hotel room with our...

European Hotel Design Award Winners

It’s that time of year again where the best of hotel design come together in celebration of all things hospitality! Of course, here at Between Our Sheets we love a good awards ceremony (any excuse),...
Studio Proof

Foot on the Accelerator

David Morris, Creative Director at Studio Proof... We are told we live in an “acceleration culture”, sponsored by technology and digital social networks. Apparently, 18 – 33 year olds check their...
Aukett Swanke

Hotels and Authenticity...

by Nick De Klerk, Associate Architect at Aukett Swanke The question of authenticity is perhaps the issue-du-jour in the design of hotels. The competition for market share in the global travel market...