Sleep - The Hotel Deign Event

24-25 November, Business Design Centre London

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Discover the NEW Visit Connect app which gives you total control over your sales leads management process...

At Sleep 2014 there will be over 3,600 visitors looking to discover, interact and source from you, our exhibitors. This is why we have worked hard with our registration partner N200 to provide you with the future of exhibition lead management, a data collection app.

The NEW Visit Connect App is cost effective solution that allows you to capture leads, see the data live, and get all the information you need to know, fast.

What are the benefits of the app?

  • Increased knowledge - Scan a customer's badge and see their information straight away, live, while you’re talking to them. Giving you the full information you need to help your customer and ultimately sell
  • Tailored questions - Add specific questions to your app to ask your customers. Record what you need to know, efficiently and quickly
  • Record more - Add a notes field to the questions to keep record of each individual customer’s queries or specific requests
  • Live data, quick follow up - The data is live, so sales personnel back in your showroom can see the data online in the Web Portal, from multiple apps, as the records are scanned. Allowing them to send further information to customers and follow up on leads instantly
  • Pre show set-up - The app can be bought, downloaded and set up prior to the show, so there is no delay or queuing, and you can be ready to capture leads the moment the Decorex doors open
  • Reduced cost - Even with all the added value, the Visit Connect app package costs only £49, considerably less than a standard light pen or scanner which is £128 See the full cost breakdown

Purchase your Visit Connect app today, please note that the Visit Connect order form can also be accessed via your exhibitor technical manual.

Is the app easy to use?

With a simple interface, the app is easy to use and is compatible with any smartphone which is iOS 6.0/Android 2.3 and newer (any device which has been released or update since 2012).

visit connect visit connect visit connect

Once scanned, records will instantly appear in the Web Portal. The Web Portal allows you to access the leads you are generating during the show, as opposed to only after the show with a light pen or scanner. Review your sales teams progress on a constant basis as you can search, order and export all leads.

visit connect

Find out more...

To find out more about how you can increase your ROI with the Visit connect app, watch the video below or have a look at the N200 Step-by-Step set-up guide.

Purchase your Visit Connect app today, please note that the Visit Connect order form can also be accessed via your exhibitor technical manual.

For any questions please contact N200 on 0844 58 600 98, or alternatively email

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