Patricia Holler

Patricia Holler
Senior Director Interior Design
Mariott International

Patricia Holler is the Senior Interior Design Director at Marriott Global Design Europe, based in Eschborn-Frankfurt. For the last 3 years, she has been overseeing all interior design related works within the company throughout Europe.

Her main role is to ensure the successful integration, implementation and execution of the respective brand visions and strategies into the design of each hotel, whether it is a new-build, a conversion or a renovation project within the existing portfolio.

Prior to joining Marriott, Patricia lived in the Middle East and worked for WA international, Dubai, as Sen. Interior Designer on luxury hospitality projects throughout the Middle East and East Africa.

Patricia qualified in Regensburg, Germany and La Coruña, Spain as graduated engineer and architect. Her passions for travel, food, exciting interiors and the world of gastronomy were driving forces that led her to specialize very early in the design of hotels, bars and restaurants.

She believes the highest accomplishment is to create authentic and unique experiences for the guest and to have them remember the place with a smile as well as leave with the intrinsic wish to return. Having the power to instill these emotions in their guests is a very high responsibility for hotels. To do so they must strive to not only meet but exceed the guests expectations. The ultimate challenge for the Interior Designer is to create the perfect surrounding that allows these memorable moments to effortlessly unfold.