Welcome to Sleep 2016. This year, the global hotel design event will be exploring the ‘Science of Tribes’ throughout the exhibition, conference and concept installations exclusive to Sleep. Join us from 22-23 November in the Business Design Centre London.

The Science of Tribes

The Sleep 2016 theme is taken from Sinus-Milieus, a model which charts peoples’ changing values and attitudes.

Times are changing
The increased flexibility between people’s working and private lives, the erosion of traditional family structures, the digitalisation of living, and the growing polarisation of wealth have all lead to a general blurring of boundaries.

How do we understand the changing attitudes of hotel guests?
Traditional segmentation according to socio‐demographics or class must be re-examined. In order to know guests we need to understand their goals, beliefs, lifestyles and aesthetic preferences - the Science of Tribes.

The Sinus-Milieus model reveals nine common attitudes across 28 countries and we’ve chosen to focus on five of these attitudes and explore them as tribes. With the help of 5 design practices, these tribes will come to life at Sleep 2016 as real people with unique travel needs, demands and dreams.

The Sleep Set 2016 tribes are; Established, Intellectual, Performer, Digital Avant-garde and Sensory Oriented.

Our 5 designers will seek to get under the skin of their tribe to design a hotel experience for them – join them on their journey.

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